How to Create an Old Fashioned Deckle Photo Edge Frame in Photoshop

Video Transcript

Welcome to another tutorial on using Photoshop on this in this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a deckled photo edge or a basically an old-fashioned photo something you would see in your grandparents photo album, actually.

It would be something that looked like this here. Notice the deckled edges along the border here.

So, in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create this, this frame.

First thing we’re going to do is, we’ll create a new layer and we’ll come over here to the marquee tool and click that.

I’m going to drag a rectangle; basically the size of an old-fashioned photo. And I’ve already preset the colors to come a light to medium beige to give it that old aged look.

And here we’ll give my layer a name here, we’ll call that…you can call that whatever you want but I’ll come on border.

And then with the layer selected I’m going to hit option or actually command, delete because I’m using my background color , so command delete on a Mac will fill that layer, that selection with the color.

Then while the selection is a highlighted, I’ll come down here and create a layer mask and make sure my layer mask is highlighted.

Next thing I’m going to do is come over here to the filter gallery or filter menu, filter gallery and we’re going to use three different effects.

Let’s go ahead and get rid of those. The first one is the spatter filter, click that.

And I’ve already pre-set the radius and smoothness but you can go ahead and play with the sliders and see what works best for you.

I found that 22, radius of 22 on the Spatter works well for my personal taste.

The next filter you want to use the Sumi-e filter.

But we’ll need to come down and create a new effect layer.

Click on Sumi-e and notice we get a softening of the edges. And again I found that 10, a width of 10 for the stroke on the Sumi-e filter works best with the pressure of two and a contrast of 16 but then again you can go ahead and um  play with it to kind of get it where you like it.

And finally we’re going to create another effect layer and we’re going to select our accented edges to sharpen our edge little bit.

Then again you can play with those edges. Let’s see. Smooth it a little bit. We’ll bring it back down  to 4 and will hit okay.

I noticed not much occurred here, however I’m going to hold down my command key on the Mac, click my border  and then I get my edge, my rough edges.

I’m going to come back over here to the layer and get my background color. I’m going to command delete on the Mac because I’m selecting my background color.

And it fills in the rest. Command D to deselect and there’s my border.

Now what I want to do is I’m going to create another layer and I’m going to come right in here, click and then drag.

This is where my photos going to be placed; that looks about right.

Now I’ve already opened up a photograph here that I’ve taken myself. It’s already highlighted.

I’m going to Command C on the  Mac to copy and then using Photoshop CS5, it’s  going to be shift option command V to paste into.

Let’s go ahead and size that down. Let’s see here. I went ahead and gave the photo a sepia tone to kind of match my old-fashioned border here.

I’ll show you in another tutorial on how to do that.

Click and set in place. I’m going to go ahead and delete that layer mask. Apply it. And now what I’m going to do…let’s hide the guides there.

I’m going to go to Layer, Layer Style, Drop Shadow., Inner Shadow. Just give it a little depth.

Drop it down a pixels to about two. Hit Okay and then we’re going to come down here to my border layer, and then layer style, Drop Shadow. Give it a good size there.

And there you have it, a deckled photo edge for and old fashioned photo edge.

All right, that’s it thanks for watching!